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8 Lawn Mowing Tips to Make Things Easy

Lawn Mowing Tips for Your Home

Watering and fertilizing are not the only rituals to maintain a beautiful and healthy lawn. Lawn mowing is another essential job that keeps it in the best shape. It promotes the thick growth of each grass blade, creating a lush green carpet. It also acts as a barrier against weeds and makes the grass more hard-wearing.

Although lawn mowing is a reasonably simple task, knowing a few tips and tricks will help make the job easier with the result as good as a professional finish. 

8 Lawn Mowing Tips to Ensure a Beautiful Lawn

Sharpen the Grass Cutting Blades

If you want to achieve a professional finish, sharp tools are essential. The sharp blades ensure a cleaner cut that reduces the risk of bacteria and mould spores. Mowing the lawn using dull blades can tear, shred, and pull the grass from the roots. Sharpen your mower blade at least three times a year or replace them with new ones for best results. Remember that grass is a living thing when lawn mowing, and try to be as gentle as possible.

Check Your Lawn for Debris

Check your lawn for any debris, such as rocks or sticks. Mower blades can spin at thousands of feet per minute and release waste at speeds up to 100 mph. It can cause serious injury while turning your mower blades dull. So, ensure you clear litter before starting.

Mow at the Right Time

Lawn mowing is best done when it is cool outdoors. So, you either do it in the morning or evening. The cool weather helps retain moisture in the roots and reduces the chance of heat exhaustion. Professional lawn mowing service providers recommend doing the job in the evening because the grass gets 12 hours of darkness to heal before the sun rises the next day. Avoid mowing in the morning, as the grass is wet, and it can cause health and safety issues.

Keep the Grass Blades Long Enough

Long grass blades keep the ground cooler and prevent the lawn from drying out quickly. The surface area of the grass blade is responsible for generating nutrients for growth through photosynthesis. So, ensure that you don’t cut more than one-third of the grass blade length when you mow. Your grass may survive an occasional close cut, but regular close lawn mowing will turn it brown. It will have several other harmful effects, such as the risk of soil compaction and vulnerability to weeds and pests.

Keep Grass Longer in the Shade

Grass growing in the shade of a tree needs to compete for water and nutrients with the tree’s roots. So, keeping the grass longer in the shade ensures they thrive and stay healthy, just as the grass grows in the sun.

Think About Your Lawn Mowing Schedule

You may have a set weekly schedule to mow your lawn. However, you need to change it according to the season. Hot and dry weather slows the growth of the grass. So, you can mow less often during early spring without hurting the grass. You can cut it fortnightly until the weather warms up in the late spring. And you may need to mow twice a week when the growth rate rises in the late spring.

Change Your Mowing Pattern

If you repeatedly mow the grass in the same direction, it tends to lean in that course. Following the same pattern also causes rutting and soil compaction, making it difficult for water and air to reach the roots. You can get creative and mow your lawn with different patterns every time.

Hire Professionals for the Best Result

Hiring a professional lawn cutting service provider is more cost-effective and efficient than you think. They are grass-cutting experts aware of the process ideal for the unique conditions of your lawn. They have the knowledge, experience, and high-end equipment to ensure the job is completed within time according to your desired results. You will also save the money you need to buy equipment and maintain it.

Hire Our Lawn Mowing Services to Get Reliable Help

Lawn Care Services at Simple Solution

Trust your property to Simple Solutions Landscaping lawn mowing service. Our expertise is more than just simple grass cutting to help you enhance the health and beauty of your lawn. Our mowing experts are qualified and experienced at cutting all types of grass at the required height. They are trained for the safe operation of the equipment while ensuring there are no accidents on your property.

We use professional lawn mowing equipment with well-maintained sharp blades adjusted to achieve the best results for your grass type. We provide a weekly lawn cutting service, including:

  • Basic lawn mowing
  • Year-round maintenance
  • Tailored packages

To learn more about our property maintenance services, call us at 416-271-3503 or fill out our contact form to request a free custom quote.

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