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Shrub & Hedge Trimming

Shrub and Hedge Trimming Options to Accentuate the Curb Appeal of Your Home

Most homeowners are likely aware that an unkempt or overgrown look to their property can reduce its overall curb appeal and, in the event that they may be planning to sell their home in the near future, this lack of property maintenance can negatively affect its market value. Furthermore, an untidy appearance can create a less-than-favourable impression about the interior of the home with people who are simply walking by or driving by the property, even though they have never actually been inside and/or met the homeowner and their family.

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For these reasons, a majority of North York residents will make certain that their lawns are kept neat and trim from the spring to the fall, either through their own efforts or a weekly lawn cutting package offered by a professional landscaping maintenance company such as Simple Solutions Landscaping and Snow Removal.

However, residential property maintenance can encompass more than just cutting the lawn. In many cases, there can be shrubs and hedges about the property or around its perimeter that will require attention on an intermittent or regular basis; in these situations, a scruffy or ragged look can be particularly noticeable to passersby. And contrary to being prepared and willing to do some of the more standard types of property maintenance, homeowners may not have the time or the right tools to trim their shrubs, bushes, or hedges as needed.

Under these circumstances, North York homeowners may want to consider the services of Simple Solutions Landscaping and Snow Removal to help maintain their shrubs, bushes, and hedges in a clean, trimmed, and proportioned manner. The services are offered in several ways to accommodate homeowner preferences and/or the rate of plant growth; scheduling alternatives include:

  • On demand
  • Pre-scheduled
  • On a seasonal basis

Unlike some property maintenance packages that may be more rigid or inflexible in terms of the elements that they include or exclude, the shrub and hedge trimming services available from Simple Solutions Landscaping and Snow Removal take into consideration the interests of the homeowner and the specific needs of the property. Further to the scheduling options noted above, homeowners can select from the following, based on individual circumstances:

  • Hedge Trimming – offered as a separate service and consisting of:
    • Weeding along the base of the hedge
    • Power trimming to a specified height and depth
    • Clean-up/bagging of clippings and placement at the curb
  • Shrub and Bush Trimming – offered as a separate service and includes:
    • Basic trimming and shaping
    • Clean-up/bagging of clippings and placement at the curb
  • Shrub and Bush Trimming – part of a Full Maintenance lawn cutting package:
    • Weekly lawn cutting
    • Line trimming borders/edges
    • Blowing of all hard surfaces
    • Shrub and bush maintenance
    • Flowerbed maintenance

Whenever homeowners want to accentuate the look of their shrubs and/or hedges, and thus the overall curb appeal of their property, they can achieve that crisp and clean appearance they want through the expert services and flexible options offered by the team from Simple Solutions Landscaping and Snow Removal.

For additional information on our property maintenance services, including shrub and hedge trimming, call Simple Solutions Landscaping and Snow Removal at 416-271-3503 today or contact us to discuss how we can help enhance the aesthetics of your property and to obtain a no-obligation quote.

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