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Garden & Planting Services

Services to Help Get Your Gardens Up-and-Running in the Spring

Once the snow has completely disappeared for another year and the outdoor temperatures begin to climb, many homeowners in North York turn their thoughts to gardening. Whether these are floral or vegetable gardens, or both, these property owners eagerly anticipate the day when sun and soil conditions are favourable enough to allow the planting process to get underway.

garden maintenance servicesgarden planting servicesflower bed maintenance service

But many other types of outdoor activities are also set in motion at this time of year, which could in turn compete for attention, so to speak, in the calendars of homeowners and their family members; as a result, concessions often need to be made, and some of the activities, particularly if they involve crouching, stooping, and/or digging motions, can drop in priority.

Fortunately, there is a way for homeowners and their families to pursue other options and simultaneously get their gardens up-and-running in the spring; through the garden planting services offered by our team. While North York homeowners are tending to other matters of interest and enjoyment, We can tend to such garden preparation and planting needs as:

  • Rototilling/turning the soil
  • Adding manure and new soil
  • Planting flowers and/or vegetables
  • Bagging debris and placing it at the curb

Furthermore, Simple Solutions Landscaping and Snow Removal would be pleased to discuss and share ideas with homeowners on the selection of plants (variety and colour) that might optimize the visual appeal of their flower beds.

Flower Bed and Vegetable Garden Maintenance throughout the Growing Seasons

Although there can be quite a sense of accomplishment after all the flowers and vegetables have been planted, that is by no means the end of any/all gardening responsibilities; in fact, if the gardens are not maintained on a consistent basis after the planting phase, any of the time, effort, and money invested upfront will unfortunately be for naught.

Vegetable Garden Maintenanceflower bed landscaping

Throughout the summer and fall seasons, Simple Solutions Landscaping and Snow Removal can continue to provide the services required to keep flower beds and vegetable gardens at their best; the services available can include:

  • Summer Garden Maintenance
    • Weeding and soil turning
  • Fall Garden Clean-Up
    • Leaf collection
    • Removing all annual plants
    • Winterizing flower/vegetable gardens
    • Yard waste bagged and placed at the curb

The experts from Simple Solutions Landscaping and Snow Removal can help maintain your flower beds and vegetable gardens throughout the various seasons; this allows you to enjoy the beauty and fruits of your gardens while simultaneously pursuing other interests as well. The garden services provided by Simple Solutions Landscaping include:

  • Soil preparation
  • Spring planting
  • Seasonal weeding
  • Fall garden clean-up

For additional insight on our garden planting and maintenance services, call the experts at Simple Solutions Landscaping and Snow Removal at 416-271-3503 today or contact us to request a free quote for all your garden needs from spring through fall.

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