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Everything You Need to Know About Lawn Mowing

Maintaining a beautiful yard and garden requires you to work on it regularly, including mowing your lawn regularly to avoid overgrowth. Hiring professionals, who provide grass cutting and lawn mowing services, is an excellent way to enhance your landscape appeal. As a well-established company offering property maintenance and landscape construction services, we are well-versed in the best practices to keep a yard clean and green. Check out our list of frequently asked questions about lawn mowing, so you know what to expect.

7 Frequently Asked Questions about Lawn Mowing

How Often Should I Mow My Yard?

How and when you mow your lawn is crucial to improve the overall appearance and quality of growth. It helps to be diligent about mowing your yard, to ensure the grass is green and healthy. You may choose to hire specialists for lawn mowing services, so your yard gets the maintenance it requires.

Depending on the water restrictions in your region and the seasonal changes, the rule of thumb for lawn mowing is once a week or once every two weeks. Also, remember the ⅓ grass cutting principle, which states that you should gradually cut the grass, removing no more than ⅓ of the length at a time until it reaches the appropriate height.

Keep the following in mind:

  • During winter months, you may trim monthly or stop mowing entirely, depending on the weather conditions in your area.
  • Even if you are unable to mow your yard for a couple of weeks, you must still follow the 1/3 rule.

How Much Should I Cut the Grass in My Yard?

Our specialists recommend following the ⅓ grass cutting principle. It is an essential part of lawn care that helps to keep your yard clean and grass healthy. Avoid cutting your grass more than ⅓ of the original height. Otherwise, you could end up causing discolouration and damage.

It helps to remember that the right height for your grass typically depends on its type and the season. For instance, if you have long grass in your yard, be sure to keep it taller in the summer months to help reduce water consumption.

What Should I Do If the Grass in My Yard is Too Tall?

You should avoid cutting the grass too short at once if it has become too tall. It helps to stick to the ⅓ grass cutting rule and cut it down in stages. Measure the height and chop only the top third initially. Otherwise, you may risk damaging the grass. Repeat this until the grass is of the desired height, and then mow at a slower rate than usual. Also, if you have long wet grass, it helps to wait for it to dry. This will help reduce the amount of stress on it.

What Should I Do with the Grass Clippings?

When it comes to grass cutting, bagging your grass clippings is not always wise. This is because they act as a natural fertilizer, shade the soil from the sun’s heat, and help retain moisture. However, if your grass is too tall and you have a large number of cut blades, you may choose to bag some or all of them.

How Do I Maintain My Lawn Mower?

Our technicians recommend the following for equipment maintenance:

  • Before Mowing
    Before you mow your lawn, ensure that your equipment has the correct oil and gas levels. Be sure to change your lawn mower’s oil after every 20 hours of operation. Also, check the mower’s manufacturer manual and follow the instructions. In addition to this, make sure that the blades of the mower are sharp as dull ones can damage your yard.
  • Seasonal Storage
    If you plan to store your mower for a long period, be sure to drain the gas from the tank. Also, replace the spark plugs yearly to have a hassle-free start during the next mowing season.

What Factors Should I Consider When Mowing My Lawn?

  • Yard Size
    If your lawn is smaller than a half-acre, use a push mower for the best results. However, for lawns larger than half an acre, it is recommended to use a lawnmower to save time and energy. If you have properties larger than three acres, you may consider using a garden mower for better mobility.
  • Land Condition
    Lawnmowers work best on flat surfaces. If your yard has variations in elevation, you should hire professionals who provide lawn mowing services for the desired results.
  • Cost
    Purchasing a top-quality lawnmower requires significant funds, which can be expensive for an individual. This is why it may be more beneficial to hire experts for lawn mowing and grass cutting services.
  • Personal Preference
    Depending on your needs, you can either choose to use an electric lawnmower or a gas push mower. You can also personalize it with features such as a grass bag to collect the clippings, a mulching blade that chops the grass and distributes it across the yard, and more.

What Else Should I Do to Keep My Lawn Healthy?

The best way to keep your lawn lush and healthy is to hire professionals who provide lawn mowing and grass cutting services. They have the experience, expertise, and resources in the form of tools, equipment, and labour to help you. This will ensure you have a beautiful yard throughout the year without any stress.

We Offer Quick & Efficient Lawn Mowing Service

Everything You Need to Know About Lawn Mowing

Simple Solutions offers landscaping construction, maintenance and snow removal services. We provide extensive lawn care programs, including lawn mowing and grass cutting services, to enhance your curb appeal. Our qualified team has specialists to understand your needs and come up with appropriate landscaping solutions tailor-made for your requirements. We have the expertise and resources to cater to your weekly, seasonal, and special occasion landscaping needs.

If you are looking for professionals who provide lawn care and grass cutting services in North York and nearby neighbourhoods, be sure to give us a call at 416-271-3503. You could also fill out our online contact form to request a free estimate. We’ll be happy to help you!

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