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Interlocking Driveways

An Interlocking Driveway Can Enhance the Beauty and Curb Appeal of Your Home

Most residential driveways are subjected to a significant amount of wear-and-tear on a daily basis; in addition to bearing the weight of parked or in-motion vehicles, a driveway must be able to endure potential mistreatment, so to speak, from various pieces of equipment, toys, chemicals, and many other types of assaults.  As a result, it is not uncommon to see paving company vehicles on any given residential street from spring to fall, there to replace and/or seal existing driveways.

In the majority of cases, driveways are constructed of poured asphalt; it is a rather durable material and it does the job in terms of its main or intended purpose.  But there is degree of ordinariness to its appearance, essentially a solid sheet of black or gray or light gray based on when it was installed and how recently it received a coat of sealer.  Similarly, a concrete driveway (poured or stamped) is certainly firm and strong, but it also has the appearance of a solid, one-colour block and has the added disadvantages of cracking, chipping, or pitting.

Interlocking DrivewaysInterlocking Driveways

These are some of the reasons why homeowners might want to consider converting from an asphalt or concrete surface to an interlocking driveway using one of the following materials:

  • Brick
  • Slabs
  • Stone
  • Pavers

In addition to the element of durability, an interlocking driveway provides the opportunity to be creative in terms of its design and colour, thereby enhancing the beauty and curb appeal of the home and its property.  And much like interior home décor, an interlocking driveway offers the option of accessorizing, by using complimentary colours and/or structures such as columns, pillars, and borders, to further catch one’s eye as they walk or drive by the home.

To achieve and retain this look and functionality over time, an interlocking driveway has to be properly installed; and this is where homeowners can benefit from the skills offered by the specialists from Simple Solutions Landscaping and Snow Removal.

Simple Solutions Landscaping and Snow Removal ensures that all interlocking driveways are excavated to an appropriate depth and have the proper foundation to avoid any subsequent shifting or sinking of the surface material; this sub-structure will also be graded accordingly to allow adequate water drainage/run-off.  Furthermore, before any excavation takes place, the team from Simple Solutions Landscaping and Snow Removal will confirm the locations of all underground services to prevent potential disruptions or inconveniences for the property owner or their immediate neighbours.

Throughout the installation process, Simple Solutions Landscaping and Snow Removal crews will pay keen attention to detail with respect to placement of the edge restraints and chosen interlocking material as well as the applications of the joint sand between the pieces and the topcoat sealer.

And to allow quick and easy clean-up upon the completion of any/all driveway installations, Simple Solutions Landscaping and Snow Removal will have a dump bin or trailer on the job site for immediate disposal of the existing driveway material and surplus earth.

Restoring the Look and Stability of Existing Interlocking Driveways and Walkways

A newly-installed interlocking driveway or walkway can certainly add a degree of prestige to any property.  Unfortunately, incidents may occur over time that can detract from that aura and affect the stability of the overall construction, perhaps due to poor initial installation or the lack of maintenance by a previous property owner; the most common of such situations would include:

  • Shifting or heaving
  • Grease/oil spills or stains
  • Weed growth in the joint sand
  • Loose or displaced pieces/sections
  • Improper restoration of disturbed areas
  • Surface damage caused by accidental impact
  • Depressions due to repeated parking/driving over the same area(s)

Should these types of conditions arise with their existing interlocking driveway or walkway, and the homeowner does not feel comfortable in attempting to remedy or rectify the matter on their own, placing a call to Simple Solutions Landscaping and Snow Removal could be the ideal solution.

Interlocking DrivewaysInterlocking DrivewaysInterlocking Driveways

The landscaping construction experts from Simple Solutions Landscaping and Snow Removal can assess the situation and recommend the best course of action to restore the soundness and look of the driveway or walkway; they can then complete the necessary steps, from the foundation to the surface as needed, and resolve the issue to the homeowner’s satisfaction.

To learn more about the full range of interlocking driveway and walkway services offered by the landscape construction specialists at Simple Solutions Landscaping and Snow Removal, call 416-271-3503 today or contact us to request your free quote.

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