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Fall Clean-Up

Ensure That Your Property Gets the Attention It Needs Before the Winter Season

Many residents of North York eagerly await the arrival of the fall as it customarily means a combination of cooler temperatures and less humidity, a welcomed change after the often sweltering conditions of summer. And although the amount of available daylight decreases steadily throughout the fall months, people might actually be inclined to spend more time outside simply because they find the fall weather conditions to be more comfortable.

Fall Clean-UpFall Clean-Up

Regrettably, the unrelenting march of the calendar dictates that such comforts will likely be short-lived, due to the unavoidable cold and bitter winter conditions that will soon follow. It also means that North York homeowners will need to dedicate some of their outdoor time in the fall to cleaning their property and getting it prepared for the pending change of seasons.

Fortunately, these homeowners can maximize their time for enjoying personal/recreational pursuits in the fall and still make sure that their property receives the attention it requires in advance of the winter season. The Fall Clean-Up Program offered by the team at Simple Solutions Landscaping and Snow Removal would be the optimal solution for property owners who want the following to be suitably cleaned and readied for the winter:

  • Lawns
  • Gardens
  • Flower Beds
  • Shrubs and Bushes

Although the winter is a period of dormancy for the majority of a property, it does not mean that the lawns, gardens, and shrubs should be left to fend for themselves against the harsh weather conditions of this season. A fall yard clean-up, performed by the experts at Simple Solutions Landscaping and Snow Removal, can prepare the property not only for the winter but for the following growing season as well.

An Extensive Range of Fall Clean-Up Services for Your Property

Throughout the fall season, the residents of North York’s neighbourhoods can contract the accredited crews from Simple Solutions Landscaping and Snow Removal to provide yard clean-up services and prepare their property for the upcoming winter; this Fall Clean-Up Program consists of the following range of services:

  • Leaf collection
  • Removal of annuals
  • Winterization of flower beds
  • Grass cutting – final cut of the year
  • Burlap wrapping of shrubs/bushes (optional)
  • Bagging of yard waste and placement at the curb

Let the experts from Simple Solutions Landscaping and Snow Removal address your yard cleaning needs this fall while you spend time with family or pursuing recreational activities.

Call the landscaping maintenance specialists from Simple Solutions Landscaping and Snow Removal at 416-271-3503 today or contact us to request a free quote for cleaning your property and getting it prepared for the winter.

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