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Spring Clean-Up

The Ideal Solution to Clean and Ready Your Property in the Spring

Spring Clean-Up

For many homeowners, the return of spring is highly anticipated as it represents a transition to more sunshine, more daylight hours, warm-weather activities, and a reawakening of their lawns, gardens, and shrubs. But while the spring season offers many enticements to spend as much time as possible outside after a long and cold winter, it also presents the likelihood that a portion of any such leisure time will need to be dedicated to cleaning up the property.

In many cases, pride of ownership and a desire to maintain or increase the curb appeal and value of their property are the factors that motivate homeowners to ready their yard for the growing season; but truth be told, this springtime clean-up can often be seen as a necessity rather than an option, and it may therefore be done reluctantly and/or in a hurried fashion.

Fortunately, homeowners in North York can protect/preserve their outdoor time for leisure activities while also ensuring that their properties receive the level of attention they deserve after the dormant winter season. The Spring Clean-Up Program offered by the specialists from Simple Solutions Landscaping and Snow Removal would be an ideal option for property owners who want to have the following satisfactorily cleaned and/or readied in the spring:

  • Lawns


  • Shrubs


  • Hedges


  • Gardens


  • Flower Beds

    Flower Beds


Whether a homeowner has recently acquired their property, is preparing to sell, or plans to remain in their home for many years, a spring yard clean-up completed by the accredited experts at Simple Solutions Landscaping and Snow Removal can help remedy the effects of winter and properly prepare the grounds around their home in time for the growing season.

Our Range of Spring Clean-Up Services to Prepare Lawns & Gardens

Each year throughout the month of April, the crews from Simple Solutions Landscaping and Snow Removal can be seen providing their spring clean-up services within many North York neighbourhoods; this comprehensive range of services may include:

  • Grass cutting (first cut of the year)
  • Turning over and cultivating of flower beds and gardens
  • Repairing or re-sodding areas of winter burn
  • Bagging of yard waste and placement at curbside

Let the team from Simple Solutions Landscaping and Snow Removal tend to your yard this spring while you dedicate your time to family interests or other recreational pursuits.

Contact us for Spring Yard Clean-Up in the North York Neighbourhoods

Call the spring clean-up experts at Simple Solutions Landscaping and Snow Removal today at 416-271-3503 or contact us for a free quote on cleaning and readying your property for the spring.

Frequently Asked Questions About Spring Clean-up Services

How Much Does Spring Yard Clean-up Cost?

The total cost of spring cleaning depends on several factors, such as the size of your lawn, time and labour required for the job, work to be done, and more. You can contact us to get a written estimate of the service cost.

How Do You Determine the Height to Cut My Lawn?

Our experts will determine what height to cut your lawn using several factors, most based on the time of year. During the summer months, the grass typically needs to be cut higher to withstand the heat. As the weather begins to cool during fall, we will cut it a little shorter each week.

What Will You Do with the Waste Generated from My Spring Clean-Up?

Our yard clean-up experts will collect the debris from your property and bag it properly to ensure your yard is neat and clean. You can use it as manure for your garden.

What Other Services Do You Offer?

We provide a wide range of landscaping services, including property maintenance, landscape construction, and seasonal clean-up services. We will work with you to understand your needs and offer services accordingly on time and budget.

What is Your Service Area?

We offer landscaping services, including property maintenance and landscape construction, in and around North York. Our service areas include Armour Heights, Bathurst Manor, Clanton Park, Newtonbrook, Willowdale, and Bayview Village. You can also contact us for construction services in Toronto & York Region, Stouffville, Etobicoke, King City, Richmond Hill, Aurora, Markham, Newmarket, Thornhill, and Keswick.

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