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6 Useful Lawn Mowing Tips for the Spring Season

6 Important Tips of Lawn Mowing Service for Spring

Proper lawn maintenance is essential to maintain a lawn in excellent condition, especially in the spring. Making mowing a regular part of your routine helps get the desired result. However, it helps to know when the time is right and have a few tips handy to ensure the task is done right. As an experienced provider of lawn mowing service, we know the ins and outs of the job. Read on to learn about a few crucial things about lawn mowing for the spring season from our experts to make informed decisions.

When is it Safe to Begin Mowing?

You shouldn’t start mowing your lawn just because the weather is growing warmer, as cutting the grass too soon may create problems later. It is wise to ensure they have developed a strong root system and have enough nutrients before you start mowing the yard. Here are a few things you keep in mind:

  • Wait for the Ground to Thaw Completely Although the ground may appear thawed, the dropping temperatures may put your lawn at risk of damage if you start cutting the grass. Ensuring the soil is completely thawed before mowing the yard is wise.
  • Consider the Temperature The grass may seem a little rugged in the initial days of spring. But, when the temperature rises above 40 degrees and stays consistent in the 40s and 50s, you can look for signs of growth and create a lawn mowing schedule accordingly.
  • Let the Grass Get Longer Cutting the blades too soon may weaken roots and lead to many growing problems in the summer months. Most experts offering lawn mowing services agree that you should not make the first cut in spring until the grass is at least 2-3 inches high.

6 Useful Tips for Lawn Cutting and Mowing

Cut High

Some homeowners prefer keeping their grass short to avoid mowing the lawn often. However, grass cut too short is more prone to damage due to weed growth and is vulnerable to diseases. It helps to know that the optimal length of the grass blades in Canada is around 2.5 – 3.5 inches. Moreover, grass left to grow a little longer shades the soil and prevents moisture loss.

Leave the Grass Clippings

Instead of raking and bagging the grass clippings after mowing your lawn, you can use them to make natural compost. They are a good source of potassium, nitrogen, and phosphorus for your yard. Mow grass around your lawn, so the clippings get collected towards the centre. This way, every time you pass over them, they further reduce and degrade quickly to become compost. Ensure that your yard is dry when you do this because wet and clumpy grass clipping will stick to the grass.

Follow the One-Third Rule

According to expert lawn mowing service providers, it is beneficial to follow the one-third rule, which means cutting your yard by one-third of its length. If you mow too much at once, you may damage the grass. If the blades are too long, consider cutting them in sessions after every 2 to 3 days. Although it is time-consuming, doing so will help ensure your lawn is in excellent condition.

Mow in the Shade

Mowing your yard at the hottest time of day can be stressful for the grass. The best practice is to cut the grass in the shade, especially in the morning or early evening, so it has enough time to recover.

Wait Until It Is Dry

Cutting the grass when the ground is soggy may leave ruts and damage the grassroots. It is wise to mow when the grass is dry because the clippings are more recyclable, and the chances of potential damage to the lawn are less. It helps to know that long grass often won’t dry near the soil even when the tops appear completely dry. It is best to slow down in such cases because forcing the mower may result in ragged, uneven cuts. Also, remember to collect the wet clumps of clippings once you finish mowing to get the desired result.

Bring in Professional Help

Although mowing the lawn may appear easy, it involves many essential aspects. The best way to keep your yard green and healthy is to hire professionals offering lawn cutting services. They have the resources and skills to perform the job quickly and efficiently.

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