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Sod Replacements or New Sod Installations

Sod Removal and Replacement in an Efficient and Timely Manner

A healthy and well-maintained lawn can make an impactful statement to passersby, telling a story about pride of ownership, about attention to detail, and about making a contribution to the overall appearance and character of the local neighbourhood.  Sometimes, that lush lawn can even prompt other homeowners to take steps for improving the look of their own properties.

Unfortunately, a completely opposite reaction is possible, if not likely, should that lawn have a sub-par look; it can diminish the appeal of the home and all other landscaping, no matter how well they are maintained, and it can have a detrimental effect on property value in the event of a future sale, to the point where the only remedy may be a full lawn replacement.

Sod Replacementsnew sod installationSod Replacements in North York and Toronto

There are several reasons while an entire lawn, or at least significant sections of that lawn, may need to be replaced; these include such factors as:

  • Grass is yellowed or dead
  • Prolonged lack of maintenance
  • Lawn has become too thin/weak
  • Water damage and/or soil erosion
  • Lack of water, nutrition, fertilization
  • Lawn is overrun by weeds/crabgrass

Under these types of circumstances, attempts by the property owner to revive/reinvigorate their lawn can take a considerable amount of time and effort, and be particularly frustrating, not to mention fruitless in the case where the grass has actually died.  Consequently, these property owners would be well-advised to utilize the lawn replacement services provided by Simple Solutions Landscaping and Snow Removal.

The Simple Solutions Landscaping and Snow Removal crews can remove and re-sod entire lawns or affected areas of 500 square feet or more.  Unlike some service providers who may just cut out the existing damage and lay new sod in its place, Simple Solutions Landscaping and Snow Removal will take the following steps:

  • Removal of affected areas to a sufficient depth
  • Leveling/grading the ground for proper drainage
  • Spreading topsoil to establish a solid, fertile base
  • Installation of fresh sod followed by a surface rolling
  • New sod will then receive an adequate amount of water

All sod removal and replacement projects are completed in an efficient and timely fashion to minimize any disruption or inconvenience to the homeowner and to ensure that the rolls of new sod are not left exposed to the heat and/or sun for too long a period.  Additionally, all sod replacements are guaranteed for one year*.

Cost estimates are provided free-of-charge and are based on the square-footage of the area to be removed and re-sodded.

As an additional service, the Simple Solutions Landscaping and Snow Removal team is open and willing to collaborate with any irrigation/lawn sprinkler companies during the installation of their systems, as a means of saving time and money and reducing overall disruption for the property owner with respect to sod removal and replacement.

Professional Sod Installation for New Home Construction

When a family moves into a newly-constructed home, their interior surroundings have that special type of fresh and clean appeal; the walls, floors, cabinetry, trim work etc., all have a flawless and pristine look that seem to exude a please-do-not-touch attitude.

This is often in stark contrast to the look of grounds that surround the exterior of the home.  In many cases, the view presented to new homeowners when they pull into their driveway or exit the residence is a mix of crusted clay, wet mud, and/or ruts made by vehicle tires.

Garden & PlantingProfessional Sod Installation

Simple Solutions Landscaping and Snow Removal provides a sod installation service for new home construction.  This service is available to individual property owners as well builders who include sod installation as part of their sales agreements, and it includes all of the steps needed to create a lawn that offers curb appeal, reduces the amount of dirt and dust that can be tracked into the home, and alleviates the potential for personal injury.

These steps include:

  • Smoothing out the entire surface
  • Grading to set up proper drainage
  • Spreading a suitable layer of topsoil
  • Laying sod in the appropriate fashion

Frequently Asked Questions about Sod Installation & Replacement

Can Sod Withstand Heavy Traffic?

Sod can establish itself quickly and can be installed anywhere. It is available in a variety of durable grass blends to suit the varied needs of property owners. It is great for lawn games, outdoor play, and is often used in parks, athletic fields, golf courses, and more.

Is a Sod Lawn Easy to Maintain?

Yes, professional sod installation does not need special care. This is because it is a healthy lawn when installed, unlike a seeded lawn that requires time before to mature. All you need to do as part of the maintenance routine is to water, mow, and fertilize your sod.

When Can I Install My Sod?

One of the many advantages of sod installation or sod replacement is that you can successfully install it at any time of the year, as long as the ground is not thoroughly frozen, and you have enough water.

When Can I Mow It?

If the sod has grown to a length you feel needs mowing, you can mow it. Whether it is a sod replacement or new sod installation, the rule of thumb is not to mow more than one-third of the blade at once. Also, you may need to mow your new sod before it is completely rooted. When you do so, use a push mower for the first couple of weeks. Be sure to keep the blade sharp to make clean cuts and promote healthy growth. Remember that the ideal height of the grass should be around 2 to 2 ½ inches.

How Do I Care for My Sod?

Prepare the area before sod installation. Then, unroll and install the sod the day you receive it and be sure to water it immediately. Once established, treat it just as you would any other lawn. Be sure to aerate and thatch it during spring and fertilize it properly throughout the year.

For additional information on sod replacement or installation for new or existing properties, call the landscaping professionals from Simple Solutions Landscaping and Snow Removal at 416-271-3503 today or contact us to request a free estimate.

*Simple Solutions Landscaping and Snow Removal offers a one-year guarantee on all labour and materials for sod installations if there is proof that the property has an existing irrigation system and that proper lawn care and maintenance was performed after the sod installation.

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