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8 Common Property Maintenance Mistakes to Avoid

Common Property Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Your backyard or front yard is a beautiful extension of your home where you make and cherish memories with your family. Proper yard clean-up and maintenance can transform your yard into a perfect place for retreat. However, many property owners fail to provide proper care or end up making mistakes that turn the yard into an undesirable sight.

Here are the most common property maintenance mistakes we have seen over the years and how you can avoid them.

8 Common Property Maintenance Mistakes Homeowners Make

Failing to Prune

Beginners often prune shrubs at the wrong time or forget to prune at the right time. Failing to prune flowering shrubs such as azalea or forsythia could remove the buds that produce the beautiful blooms. The perfect time to prune flowering shrubs is just after they blossom.

Overlooking Hedge Trimming

Ignoring hedge trimming for too long means that the hedge quickly grows out of control, and the bushes turn unwieldy. You can do the job effortlessly by using a power hedge trimmer. But ensure you don’t let young saplings mature in your hedgerow. If you are a beginner, it helps to hire professional hedge trimming services.

Girdling Trees

Girdling of trees can happen in two ways. First, if an Oriental bittersweet wraps itself around your tree and becomes embedded in the trunk, it can be harmful. When you notice the presence of this invasive wine, kill it before it becomes established. Second, if humans leave a label on a tree for too long, the label’s string can dig deeper into the branch and block the flow of nutrients.

Placing Shrubs & Trees Symmetrically

Many homeowners plan to grow shrubs in a symmetrical pattern on either side of the entrance. Unfortunately, when one shrub in the pair is allowed to grow bigger than the other, it spoils the balance. Arranging elements in symmetry can enhance the aesthetics of a landscape. But when it comes to living plants, it requires additional property maintenance and care.

Installing Tire Planters in Front Yard

We have seen property owners incorporating tire planters in the front yard design. Although the decoration of a landscape can be subjective, the front yard is the wrong spot for tire planters, especially if you want to impress visitors or increase the resale value of your property. The backyard is the appropriate place to install tire planters. But we recommend eliminating them entirely if you want to sell your property.

Focusing Only on the Appearance

New homeowners often believe that if you mow your lawn until it looks neat, the job is done correctly. But if you ask property maintenance services, lawn mowing is not as simple as it seems. You also need to consider the health of the grass. You should know how high you need to cut grass to reduce weed seed germination and conserve soil moisture. The mower blade should also be sharp enough to avoid ragged cuts that can become an entry point for diseases.

Installing a Fence Hastily

Avoid hiring a contractor to install a fence hastily. Take your time to understand your landscape requirements. Until then, you can consider a temporary solution such as installing fence sections between shrubs. Later you can remove them and install a permanent fencing solution that suits your needs.

Purchasing a Plant Without Knowing Its Mature Size

Choosing a plant without knowing its mature size is a common mistake. If you plant them in the wrong place, they may soon outgrow and cause expensive property maintenance problems. The roots may penetrate your foundation, or if planted near a flower border, the plant may cast unwanted shade on the other plants.

If you have made this mistake, here is what you can do:

  • Trim the tree or cut some of the branches
  • Transplant the plant to another location
  • Leave it as it is (if it doesn’t cause any harm or inconvenience)

Count On Us for Year-Round Property Maintenance

8 Common Property Maintenance Mistakes to Avoid

At Simple Solutions Landscaping and Snow Removal, we offer year-round property maintenance programs tailored to your individual needs. We are a family-owned and operated business providing top-notch landscape maintenance services for over 15 years to a growing client base.

Whether you need our services around the year, for a specific season, or as a one-time event, we can help. Here are some of the property maintenance services we offer:

Our team is accredited by the Landscape Ontario Horticultural Trades Association, so you can rest assured that we will accomplish the job diligently and ensure complete customer satisfaction.

To learn about our services in detail or to get a free estimate, contact us at 416-271-3503 or fill out our contact form.

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