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What Does Landscape Maintenance for a Property Include?

Complete Guide to Property Maintenance Services

Landscape care is an essential part of a property maintenance checklist. It involves a step-by-step process of keeping your garden, backyard, or green space clean, healthy, safe, and appealing. However, this can be challenging, especially when you have many personal and professional commitments.

If you are looking to hire a professional to help with your garden maintenance needs, you must understand the different types of services they offer. It will also give you an idea about what is necessary to keep your landscape in the best condition.

Common Property Maintenance Services

Spring Cleanup

Seasonal clean-ups lay the foundation for healthy turf and effective lawn care. They ensure protection against unpredictable weather conditions and save you the trouble of yard work. Professionals offering property maintenance also provide fall clean-up services to prepare your yard. The general services include:

  • Removing leaves and debris
  • Raking and collecting leaves 
  • Trimming of shrubs and hedges 
  • Edging of garden beds
  • Preparing your garden according to the approaching season

Grass Cutting

Grass cutting service is one of the crucial property maintenance tasks. It ensures your lawn looks well-groomed and contributes to the longevity of your turf. You need to consider the height of the cut, the frequency, and the growing season when doing this task. The standard services include:

  • Trimming around all obstructions and borders
  • Edging along all concrete areas bordering the turf areas
  • Removing debris from driveways and sidewalks

Pruning and Hedging 

It is essential to conduct pruning at the correct time of the year to maintain plant health and stimulate new growth. Landscaping experts ensure that your plants are pruned at the optimum time for their species. Their services include:

  • Pruning shrubs, hedges, trees
  • Maintaining the shape and size of the plants
  • Removing dead or dying branches and encouraging good branch structure
  • Encouraging fruit and flower development

Landscape Feeding

Plants require adequate nutrients to maintain their look throughout the year. The amount of nutrients needed depends on species and changing climate. You may need to feed your lawn and growing beds two to five times per growing season. Typically, property maintenance specialists offer the following standard services:

  • Spreading liquid fertilizer or compost to encourage growth.
  • Ensuring the plants receive essential nutrients for optimum health. 
  • Creating a tailored plant feeding program as per your property maintenance plan.

Landscape Protection 

Unfortunately, every landscape environment deals with common issues such as bugs, grubs, mildew, aphids, and more. It is vital to give more attention to pest control programs to protect your plants, turf, and the entire landscape from infestation and diseases. Expert landscapers take the following measures for complete protection:

  • Applying turfs at the ideal time of the year
  • Spraying organic pesticides
  • Controlling moisture-related issues
  • Covering the soil with mulch to protect your trees and shrubs from heat and cold
  • Preventing weeds to avoid root competition

What Should You Include in a Landscaping Contract?

A landscaping contract comprises all the details you should know when hiring a landscape professional. It helps to ensure your property looks great throughout the year.

  • Necessary maintenance services: It should include all the services required to keep your landscape healthy, safe, and beautiful.
  • Schedule: The contract should list all the property maintenance services and a timeline to perform each task at a given time of the year.
  • Services excluded: It should also mention the services that are not covered. You can talk to your contractor to add any additional tasks to the contract.
  • Estimated cost: It should provide the approximate cost of each service. This way, it becomes easier to stay on budget.

We Offer Complete Property Maintenance Services

Landscape Maintenance Service

Simple Solutions has over 15 years of experience providing all-inclusive landscape maintenance services to North York homeowners. We strive to perform every task efficiently and timely to ensure we leave your property with increased curb appeal and market value.

Our team has adequate knowledge about landscaping which allows them to apply the best possible techniques and procedures for a specific outdoor setting. We use specialized tools to achieve the best results on time and without any disturbances to you and other people on the property.

We offer property maintenance programs that span across all seasons of the year, consisting of the following services:

For more information on our full range of property maintenance services, call us at 416-271-3503 or fill out our online contact form to request a free estimate.

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