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What to Know Before Buying Soil and Mulch

Important Things You Should Know Before Buying Soil or Mulch

If you want to grow your home garden or redesign the landscape on your commercial property, it is most likely that you need soil, mulch, or compost in bulk. Your nearby hardware store or garden centre may not have the quantity you need at the best price. So you should consider professional garden soil delivery services in Toronto that sell in bulk at a reasonable price while giving you a door-step delivery option, like Simple Solutions Landscaping and Snow Removal.

When planning to buy soil/mulch, it is vital to calculate the quantity you require, know the costs, and include the cost of the logistics. Here is an article to help you make a profitable purchase.

Top 3 Soil Products You Should Know


The surface soil 2 to 8 inches deep comprises the topsoil. It is responsible for nourishing your vegetation and is the most productive layer. The topsoil comprises nutrients, minerals and organic matter. You can use it to spread it on your flower bed or apply it after mixing it with rich organic material.


Compost is the decomposed plant or animal matter that converts into nutrient-rich soil. You can use it with topsoil to enhance the nutrient composition. It acts as a soil fertilizer that also works to provide better drainage in clay soil and retains nutrients in sandy soil.


Mulch is the topmost layer applied on the surface. A wide variety of mulching options are available, including wood chips, shredded hardwood, cocoa shells, straw, sawdust, and shredded yard waste. It serves to enhance the visual appeal of your landscape, retains moisture, reduces weed growth, and provides insulation in winter.

Look for a Local Source for Buying Soil

Once you list the type of soil products your landscape needs, it is time to consult a local soil expert. You can connect with avid gardeners, garden centres, or local hobbyists near you who usually buy soil in bulk. It also helps to call a professional property maintenance service that also provides garden soil delivery. Having years of expertise and experience in growing, nourishing, and maintaining gardens, yards, and other green landscapes in different local regions, they know exactly what type of soil you need and how much quantity.

Characteristics of Soil Products

Soil pH

Practically, the pH of your topsoil should be between 5.5 and 7.5. You may have to test the pH if it is not listed. However, if you are buying soil from a garden soil delivery expert, they can give accurate information on the topsoil.

Organic Composition

Know what the compost is made from. If you want a neutral compost, opt for yard and leaf waste compost, and if you need a nitrogen-rich compost, go for a manure-based option. It is wise to seek expert advice as the latter is unsuitable for all plant species.

Soil Texture

Soil is a mixture of sand, clay, loam, and silt. If the clay is more than 40 percent, it can clump your soil and cause drainage issues, whereas 70 percent sand in the soil will not be able to retain adequate water for the plant.


Ensure that the soil you are buying is delivered after it is run through a screening process that removes litter, rocks, and lumps of clay.

Weed Free

Make sure the soil is at least 98 percent weed free, as you do not want soil that encourages weed growth.

Evaluate Soil Prices

Preparing quality soil demands time, labour, and equipment. The cost differs by location, quantity, and quality. Cheap topsoil will have little to no organic matter, and as the price rises, you get a better quantity of compost, organic material, and nutrient-rich fertilizer.

For mulch, it depends on what type you are looking for. Wood chips from redwood are more expensive than pine shaving mulch.

Learn More About Mulch and Soil with Landscaping Experts

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The team at Simple Solutions can help you identify the right type of soil or mulch that you need for your property and have it delivered to your home as part of our landscaping work. Whether you are reseeding your lawn, planting a tree, or growing a garden, our tips can help ensure that whatever you plant is healthy and beautiful. Reach out to us today by calling 416-271-3503 or fill out our form to get a free estimate of our services.

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