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6 Reasons You Should Consider Getting Soil Delivery

Benefits of Garden Soil Delivery Service

As the gardening season is here, it is time to gather your gardening materials and make the most of the growing season. Many property owners assume that preparation during this period only involves replacing outdated tools, but it is also essential to consider the soil. High-quality gardening soil ensures that your backyard stays in the best condition. As garden soil delivery services become available for the season, you might want to consider them to ease the maintenance process. Read on to find out how soil delivery services can benefit you.

How Soil Delivery Services Can Benefit You

Save Money

To prepare and gather soil, you need many instruments such as a wheelbarrow, a spade, a rake, and a hoe. You may have to buy them new or replace yours if they are broken, adding to your cost. If you consider a soil delivery service, you can avoid spending on tools altogether because the service brings prepared soil after removing stones and weeds. You just need a hand trowel to move the dirt to your garden.

Professional services know exactly how much soil your yard needs, so they can deliver the right amount with nothing going to waste.

Save Time

Ordering soil in bulk saves you multiple trips to your landscaping and garden centre. You can utilize this time to work on your lawn or garden.

Get High-Quality Soil

Professional soil delivery services ensure that you receive high-quality soil for your yard or garden. Companies such as Simple Solutions Landscaping provide all-natural 100% organic soil composted for added richness.

Get Soil Delivery When You Need It

You don’t want to run out of soil when you begin your gardening chores. A soil delivery service can help you avoid such situations while ensuring you have the right amount of dirt to complete your job.

Less Strain on Your Body

Starting gardening from scratch is a complex process involving digging up soil, applying mulch, and planting seeds that can cause physical stress. In addition, multiple trips to purchase more soil can add more pressure. Instead, you can ease your gardening process and take advantage of soil delivery to your desired location. This can help relieve strain on your body and fatigue-related ailments that are common when lifting soil bags from garden centres and bringing them to your location.

Order Custom Mixes

You may know what your plants need for healthy growth, but you may not be aware of all the details, like which soil is best suited for your specific plant species. Every soil is mixed and made differently.

Garden soil delivery services have in-depth knowledge about the type of soil that certain plants need to thrive. They understand the nutritional requirements of individual plants and deliver unique soil mixtures right to your doorstep. This also helps you avoid any DIY soil mix trial-and-error attempts that may turn costly and ruin your gardening efforts.

Types of Soil We Deliver


Topsoil is the main essential ingredient for a healthy lawn or yard. Simple Solutions offers nutrient-rich and weed-resistant soil which prevents diseases, increases root strength, and balances porosity for proper drainage. In short, it improves the overall functional aspects and appearance of your landscape.

Triple Mix – Topsoil and Manure

Simple Solutions has been using a tried and tested formula for over 18 years to give your garden the essential nutrients to flourish. Our triple mix is organically tested for moisture content and fertility. Before the soil is delivered to your doorstep, it undergoes screening to ensure it is weed-free and ready to use.

Gro Max – Topsoil, Manure, and Peat

Gro Max is a high-draining organic soil formulated for optimum root growth and plant health. It is a horticultural grade product made using premium compost, peat, and other nourishing components. It is rich in nutrients, lightweight and porous with excellent water-retaining capacity that ensures the growth of lush green vegetation and bright blooms.

We Offer More Than Just Soil Delivery Services

Soil Delivery Services at Simple Solution

Simple Solutions Landscaping offers more than just dropping soil or mulch at your doorstep. We are complete landscaping experts providing soil delivery, spreading service, establishing new gardens, and replenishing existing gardens, lawns, and backyards.

To know more about our garden soil delivery, spreading service, and more, call us at 416-271-3503. You can also fill out our contact form to request a free quote.

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