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Should You Replace or Repair Your Retaining Walls?

Know When Your Retaining Wall Needs a Repair or Replacement

When it comes to your retaining wall, repairing it is typically more affordable. Replacing your wall will come with a higher cost and more planning, but it may be necessary. If you are not sure whether your garden retaining wall needs a repair or a replacement, this article can help you. We will examine both options in detail to help you make the right decision.

When to Repair Garden Retaining Walls

The warning signs of when to repair a retaining wall mainly depend on the material used. For timber retaining walls, you will see the wood rotting or warping. You may also see damage due to insects such as termites. You might notice cracking if you have a concrete or brick wall. If an entire section of your wall is bending, it is time to remove excess soil and take necessary measures to prevent it from collapsing.

Tips on Repairing Landscape Retaining Walls

  • If you detect cracking, identify whether it is due to a structural issue or needs a minor repair. It is easy to repair minor cracks.
  • If you see the mortar between the bricks crumbling, remove loose debris as much as you can and fill the holes with newly mixed mortar.
  • For a warped timber retaining wall, you need to remove and replace it with brand-new boards. Ensure that the boards are adequately treated to withstand soil moisture.
  • For a smaller wall, you need to dismantle it as much as possible, check the footings, and secure it with a proper foundation.

To perform any kind of repair, you will have to displace the soil and plants behind your wall because you don’t want the pressure from the soil to push your wall when it’s weak. As retaining walls experience a lot of wear and tear, you may need to repair them more often. It is wise to call a retaining wall contractor if the wall is damaged beyond repair.

When to Replace Retaining Walls

Here are some signs that indicate you should consider replacing your retaining wall as soon as possible:

  • The wall is bending in the opposite direction
  • Structure is becoming weak
  • The wall appears to be failing to hold the weight of the soil
  • The concrete wall is showing major cracks
  • Brick wall is breaking beyond repair

If you are unsure about replacing your wall, it is wise to call a professional retaining wall contractor to assess the issue.

Tips to Replace Retaining Walls

Here are a few basic steps to consider when deciding to replace a retaining wall:

  • Removing the existing wall entirely without disturbing the soil too much
  • After removing the old wall, lay the foundation for the new wall and add the necessary drainage features
  • After installing the new wall, you need to let it settle for a few days
  • Then, backfill the area with soil if required.

FAQs on Retaining Walls

What is the Cost of Repairing Retaining Walls?

You must mainly pay for the material and labour required to build the wall. However, the cost also depends on the length and height of the wall and the retaining wall contractor you hire to complete the job.

Is It Wise to Build a New Wall in Front of the Old Wall?

Yes, you can build a new wall in front of an existing one, but that can reduce your garden space. In addition, if the wall is too old, there are chances that it may collapse and damage the new wall. If you have a rotten timber wall, the damage can spread to the new one. Considering these factors, it doesn’t make sense to build a new wall in front of the old one.

Should I Contact Professionals to Replace My Retaining Walls?

It is not possible to replace a retaining wall without help from professionals unless you have experience building it yourself. You need designers, engineers, masons, and carpenters to assess the wall’s structure and perform a successful installation. Ensure you hire trained and experienced retaining wall contractors such as Simple Solutions Landscaping to remove the existing wall and build a safe and durable one. Any DIY attempt can be risky as the wall or soil may cave in or collapse when you work. Considering the complexity of the project is best to call professionals.

We Build Long-Lasting Landscape Retaining Walls of Your Choice 

Should You Replace or Repair Your Retaining Walls?Whether you want to replace or repair your retaining walls, our experienced team at Simple Solutions Landscaping & Snow Removal can help. For over two decades, we have been serving our clients with top-notch landscaping services. Our retaining walls installation, repair, or replacement will give you maximum benefits, including:

  • Enhanced aesthetic appeal
  • Prevention of soil erosion or shifting
  • Improved use of space
  • Better use of sloped terrain
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Durability
  • Increased return on investment

To repair, replace or build a beautiful and functional retaining wall of any height or length, contact us at 416-271-3503 or fill out our contact form. One of our landscaping specialists will get in touch with you to discuss your requirements in detail.

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