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Retaining Walls: Discover Unique Design Ideas & Types

Retaining Walls: Discover Unique Design Ideas & Types

Retaining walls are an essential element in landscaping, especially in gardens with uneven terrain. They not only provide structural support but also add visual interest and define different areas within the landscape. If you’re looking to enhance your garden in Toronto with retaining walls, there are various materials and design options to consider. This article …

5 Types of Retaining Walls for Residential Properties

Complete Guide to the Types of Retaining Walls

Landscape retaining walls are structures designed and constructed to support the soil laterally. Although they may look like simple stacked stone, timber, or blocks put together to form a wall, they are carefully engineered systems. They are an excellent feature to restrain soil on steep, sloping grounds. In addition, garden retaining walls are aesthetically pleasing …

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