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Important Dos & Don’ts of Fall Yard Clean-Up

What Should You Avoid & Include in the Fall Clean-Up Routine

Autumn is the right time to ensure your yard is ready for winter. Following a good fall clean-up routine will help save you time and energy when spring comes. It will also help keep it in great condition throughout the year. Learn about the importance of having a yard clean-up routine for the fall and a few dos and don’ts to ensure your lawn can withstand the cold winter temperature.

Importance of Fall Yard Clean-up: 5 Major Benefits

10 Must-Dos of Fall Clean-up

Remove Debris

Fallen leaves and twigs on the yard create the perfect environment for pests to hide in winter. This is why it is best to clean flower beds, lawns, and grassy areas to keep the critters away.

Clean the Vegetable Garden

If you have a vegetable garden on your property, pull out the old plants and remove debris after the final harvest. You can also add a layer of compost to nurture the soil for next spring.

Trim Rogue Tree Limbs

Be sure to include trimming diseased, damaged, and dead branches as part of the yard clean-up routine. Prune the weak limbs that may break and fall during winter storms or under the weight of the snow.


Prevent water from pooling on the ground by breaking up the soil using a garden fork. This will help nutrients reach the roots in winter. If you have a big lawn, hiring professional yard clean-up services is a good idea.

Mow and Fertilize the Lawn

Mow your yard lightly before the onset of winter to help the soil dry out quickly in the spring. Doing so will ensure your lawn is lush. In addition to this, adding a fall lawn fertilizer with high phosphorous content will promote root growth and ensure your yard is healthy.

Rake and Mulch

Fallen leaves and twigs that build up in the winter months may suffocate the grass. Rake them up and shred them for use as mulch for flower beds, shrubs, and trees.

Prune Shrubs and Trees

Trim any dead branches and twigs and cut overgrown shrubs and trees. Pruning in the dormant season is the best way to prevent damage to your plants.

Protect Cold-Sensitive Plants

Remember to keep sensitive shrubs and perennials protected through the cold winter days. Add mulch to their base and consider wrapping the plants in cloth barriers such as burlap to prevent damage from freezing.

Plant Shrubs, Bulbs, and Fall Annuals

Some plants grow and thrive when you plant them in the cooler autumn months. It is best to identify which ones are best suited for your region, such as pansies, and add them to your garden in the fall.

Bag the Yard Waste

After bagging your leaf litter, you can turn it into compost. This is an inexpensive and excellent way to prepare your yard for the winter season and nourish the soil to support plant growth.

5 Don’ts of Fall Yard Clean-Up

Do Not Remove Stalks and Seed Heads

Consider leaving stalks and seed heads in your garden for the winter months. They provide texture in the winter landscape and become a food source for birds. You can clean the beds in the early spring.

Avoid Over Pruning the Shrubs and Trees

Extensive pruning during the fall promotes new growth that may not be strong enough to survive the cold winter, making your plants more susceptible to damage. It is best to prune trees and shrubs in the winter after they are dormant. Since this requires the expertise of a tree care specialist, hiring professionals for fall clean-up and pruning is a wise idea.

Do Not Keep Vulnerable Pots Outside

Clay pots may get damaged due to the low temperature in the winter season. Moreover, your plants may also die if the soil freezes inside the pot. Be sure to keep your pots in a warm place after removing the plant to ensure they are in good condition for the next season of use.

Don’t Let Weeds Grow

Although this may seem obvious, weeds have a way of hiding among your plants. Remember to look carefully and remove any weeds to help your shrubs survive the winter season.

Don’t Let Leaves Smother Your Yard

Too many leaves, small branches, and twigs may shade the lawn and choke the grass. You should rake and collect them or shred them to protect your yard and plants during winter.

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Fall Yard Clean-Up Services

Make sure your property gets the proper attention before the onset of the winter season by hiring Simple Solutions for your fall clean-up. Our experts will clean your lawn, garden, flower beds, and shrubs and bushes and ensure they are ready to withstand the drop in temperatures during the cold months. In addition to this, we will also help prepare your property for the upcoming spring months.

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