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7 Questions to Ask a Landscaping Company Before Hiring Them

What Should You Ask a Landscaping Company When Hiring Them?

Landscaping involves a variety of aspects, different tools and equipment, expertise, and hard work. It plays a significant role when it comes to enhancing your property’s curb appeal. Whether you’re planning to sell your house or are looking to improve your property, your best bet is to hire professional landscaping services to help enhance the aesthetics. They have the experience, knowledge, skills, and equipment to create your dream yard. Read on to learn what questions you must ask them, so you know which landscaping company to choose for your needs.

7 Important Questions to Ask a Landscape Company

What Does Your Landscaping Process Include?

Most landscaping companies have an established process when it comes to undertaking landscape and maintenance projects, which includes analyzing the property, understanding your needs, recommending changes, constructing structures, implementing the plans, and final touches. Be sure to ask the professional about the procedure they follow to ensure it matches your specifications.

Do You Understand My Landscaping Needs and Vision?

Talk to the experts from the landscaping company about how you want your yard to look, your budget, and how much time you will have for landscaping maintenance. You could share examples of landscape projects that you admire to ensure they have an idea of your requirements. After gathering essential details, they will put together a comprehensive landscaping plan, including any outdoor structures, to give you an idea of the outcome. You could also ask them for a drawing to help you envision their plans.

What is the Estimated Time Required to Complete the Project?

It helps to know how long it will take the landscaping company to complete your project. Be sure to let the professionals know if you have any specific deadlines so they can plan their tasks accordingly. Also, get a clear timeline for the project, so you don’t end up waiting with a half-finished yard.

Will You Handle the Landscaping Maintenance for My Property?

In addition to having a well-designed landscape, you need to have a proper plan for landscaping maintenance. Ask your landscaping company if they have the expertise and resources to help you maintain your property and get a comprehensive yard maintenance plan. Be sure to ask them about their maintenance routine, including frequency of the work, debris removal, and more to understand which tasks will fall to the crew and which ones will be your responsibility.

What Can I Do to Reduce the Overall Cost of Landscaping?

Most landscaping companies offer an estimate of the work. It depends on a variety of factors such as labour and time required, materials, weather conditions, accessibility to the property, and more. If the total costs for the landscaping project seem to be on the higher side compared to your budget, be sure to discuss the terms with the professionals. Ask if they can recommend ways to lower the cost. They may be able to suggest design alternatives that could help you bring the final cost within your budget without compromising on the plan.

What Should I Expect While the Crew Works on My Property?

Unexpected problems such as unforeseen delays, scheduling conflicts, issues with the materials, unfavourable weather conditions, and more may happen. Be sure to ask the professional landscaper about the time they’ll spend on your property. Doing so will help you plan your daily activities and ensure you don’t get in their way. Also, inform them of any changes in the schedule to avoid delays in the completion of the project.

What Types of Outdoor Structures Can You Construct?

In addition to boosting your curb appeal, professional landscapers can also create an outdoor space with hardscapes such as retaining walls to meet the varied needs of homeowners. If you’d like an interlocking driveway, stonework done on your yard, have a retaining wall with planters, or more, be sure you ask your landscaping company about the services they offer.

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7 Questions to Ask a Landscaping Company Before Hiring Them

At Simple Solutions, we offer the best services when it comes to landscaping and property maintenance. We have the expertise and skills to provide landscaping solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial properties. Our experts can help you with your landscaping needs, in addition to maintenance and seasonal clean-up assistance.

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