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Essential Tools for Easy & Quick Spring Yard Cleanup

Essential Tools for Quick Spring Yard Cleanup

Spring yard cleanup can seem daunting, especially if you are doing it for the first time or don’t have much spare time. But choosing the right tools can make the job easy and smooth, leaving your lawn ready to thrive. To help you prepare for effective cleanup, we have listed all the essential tools you need to accomplish the task.

Best Tools for Easy Spring Yard Clean Up


Aeration is a crucial task that allows air, water, and nutrients to seep through the small pores into the soil. In the winter, the ground becomes compacted, requiring an aerator to open up the holes in the soil for proper fertilization and healthy growth. The aerator will remove soil from these holes, and then you need to fill these holes with a good fertilizer. Alternatively, you can use spiked boots to loosen up the soil by walking across the yard.

Lawn Mower

This is another essential tool for yard cleanup in spring. This season is the best time to mow your lawn regularly, depending on the type of grass you have in your yard. If you add an attachment for mulching, you get the ideal tool to clean up any debris and leaves that have littered your yard.

String Trimmer 

Also known as a weed eater, this tool can help you cut grass and eliminate weeds. This equipment can reach places your mower cannot provide a precise and manicured lawn. They are available in electric and gas-powered models.

Pruning Shears & Hedge Trimmers

Both tools are used in cutting unwanted branches, leaves, and weeds. A pruning shear can help you make more delicate cuts, including removing inflorescence to induce reflowering to help them flourish in the coming months. Hedge trimmers are great at removing vines and cutting back branches. To cut higher branches, you need pole hedge trimmers so that you can reach the branches safely without having to climb a ladder.

Pressure Washer

This tool uses a high-pressure stream of water to clean up the hardscape and exterior surfaces in your outdoor landscape. You can use hot water to remove stubborn dirt and grim from the surfaces. Some of the places you can use for pressure washing include:

Pressure washing is safe for pavers, concrete, stone, and brick.

Stand Up Weeder

This is an excellent tool to remove stubborn weeds without having to kneel or bend. Stand-up weeder has a long neck from the weeding tip to the top handle, allowing you to remove weeds from a standing height. You just need to drive the metal stakes into the ground, push the lever down with your foot and pull the weeds.

Pop Up Garden Bags

Having these by your side during spring yard cleanup can make the task easier. Keep them by your side as you gather the garden waste and collect everything from leaves and compost to garden debris. It is an excellent alternative to heavy wheelbarrows. After using them, you can put them back into their original flat shape, occupying minimal space.

Garden Saw 

This is one of the most versatile tools for spring yard cleanup. You can complete a variety of jobs, including:

  • Trimming shoots and stems
  • Severing roots
  • Cutting vines
  • Sawing branches
  • Cutting back ornamental grass

Reduce Your Spring Cleanup Costs by Hiring a Yard Cleanup Service

If you are planning to invest in renting or buying these tools for spring yard cleanup, consider it again. This can cost you much more than hiring a professional spring cleanup service for the job from start to finish. In addition, you don’t want to waste your weekend handling the mess when you can spend quality time with your family unless you love being amidst nature. A professional service brings advanced tools and ensures that your yard is prepared for the next growing season.

Although the total cost of spring cleanup depends on the size of your lawn, and the time and labour required, it will cost you less than a DIY task.

We Offer a Wide Range of Expert Spring Clean Up Services

Essential Tools for Easy & Quick Spring Yard CleanupSimple Solutions Landscaping & Snow Removal offers a complete spring yard cleanup to treat the effects of winter and prepare your yard to bloom and thrive in the season. Our accredited experts help you manure your garden and leave your property neat and clean after collecting all the debris.

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