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Do’s & Don’ts While Repairing Drywall

Useful Tips and Tricks to Repair Drywall

Drywall is one of the most durable construction materials. However, you may experience issues such as dents, holes, and dings over time. You can repair drywall without investing much time and money with the right tools and techniques. But before you start, read the following dos and don’ts to accomplish the task. It will also ensure that your wall lasts for a long time. If your drywall has extensive damage, it is always best to reach out to a professional for thorough repairs.

9 Useful Tips & Tricks to Repair Drywall

Do Use Appropriate Repair Tools

Using the right tools is crucial to getting the job done correctly. There are some essential tools that every repairer needs on hand, including sanding sponges, a mud pan, a putty knife, joint compound, and drywall patch kits.

If you are repairing minor dents or scratches that are smaller than ½ inch, use a thin layer of joint compound to fill them. Apply the material using a 3- or 4-inch putty knife designed for drywall repair. If the cracks or holes are bigger, you will need to reinforce them with mesh before spackling.

Don’t Complicate the Task

Use ready-made products designed to simplify drywall repair. Self-adhesive tape and patch repair kits with reinforced center panels are a great solution when you need to repair small holes. A drywall primer and compound combination provide a wall that is ready to paint.

Do Focus on The Finish

Homeowners often end up ruining the aesthetics of the wall even after using expensive equipment. Use a box cutter or a sharp cutting tool to remove frayed edges of drywall around cracks or dents. Finish the work before applying a joint compound to conceal any imperfections.

Don’t Snip the Electrical Cords and Plumbing Lines.

Before beginning your drywall repair, check for electrical wires and plumbing lines through the wall. Otherwise, you may end up cutting into them. If you need to repair a hole a few inches wide, use a flashlight to see what is behind. Make sure to act safely without making assumptions.

Do Apply a Thin Coating

A thin coating of the joint compound provides a neat and finished surface for painting. In addition, it is easy to sand the wall without accidentally exposing the patch. While applying it, level the mud gently to ensure a smooth finish. Hold the knife at a 70-degree angle and press it harder on the outer edge of the mud while moving away from the centre.

Don’t Cut Corners When Sanding

Although the joint compound hides all the surface imperfections, it turns hard and uneven after drying. This makes it essential to properly sand the repair site. Start sanding when the area is dry. After the first layer is sanded, apply a second layer of compound two inches wider than the first one. Once the second layer dries, repeat the process if needed.

Do Use Protective Equipment

Drywall compounds comprise fine particles that can cause health problems if inhaled. Drywall repair experts recommend wearing a quality dust mask when doing the task. Gypsum dust can dehydrate the skin, so you should consider wearing disposable gloves to protect your hands.

Don’t Forget the Final Step

Ensure you run your hands over the repair and check if the surface is even and smooth. If you find any bumps or lumps, re-sand the wall as required. If you don’t inspect the finished work, you will likely have to repair your drywall again.

Do Hire Professionals

Hire Drywall Repair Professional

Drywall repair is delicate artwork. Instead of doing it yourself, you can consider hiring drywall repair services. Professionals have the expertise and experience to ensure the job is done perfectly. They can identify your unique needs and provide a customized solution. They also use the latest equipment for the repair job, ensuring the task is done quickly and cost-effectively. 

Hire a Reputable Drywall Contractor in Toronto

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