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6 Steps for Spring Clean Up & Yard Maintenance

6 Steps for Spring Clean Up & Yard Maintenance

The cold winter weather tends to make your shrubs, grass, and trees weak. After lying dormant under snow and ice for months, they need proper nutrition to thrive. This is why property maintenance, particularly spring clean up, should be your top priority as spring arrives. Early maintenance can help you be prepared and set you up for a better growing season. Also, knowing how to deal with the plants and trees after the freezing temperature will ensure they are fuller and lusher for the year ahead. Here are the tips to help you prepare your yard and garden to ensure proper growth throughout the year.

6 Useful Spring Cleanup Tips for a Pristine Looking Property

  1. Proper Cleaning
    First and foremost, you should prep your lawn for spring by removing all the twigs, broken branches, dead leaves, and other debris. Using an air blower can make your spring yard clean up faster and easier. This is a smart way to save yourself some yard and property maintenance work later in the year. Also, if you wrapped any plants in burlap for winter, be sure to take it off once the temperature reaches and stays at or above 5 degrees Celsius.
  2. Rake Your Flower Bed and Yard
    When raking up leaves, twigs, and plant debris, be sure to remove anything that may be hidden under the snow. In addition to making your property look neat and clean, it will also reduce the chances of them being affected by pests and diseases. Also, aerating your lawn can help reduce compaction. Consider contacting professionals who provide yard clean up services for the best results.
  3. Apply Fertilizer and Weed Killer
    To ensure your plants and trees get the right nutrition, consider using a combination of fertilizer early in spring. Also, use an herbicide to prevent the growth of crabgrass and other weeds. After 6-8 weeks, you can apply them along with a broadleaf weed killer to keep your garden and yard clean without increasing the maintenance costs.
  4. Mow Early and Often
    When it comes to spring clean up, mowing your lawn only once a week may not be enough. If you let the grass grow too high before cutting it, you may end up damaging their roots. Depending on the growth rate and weather, it helps to mow every 4-5 days during the first six weeks of spring. Doing so will ensure a thicker, fuller, and beautiful yard.
  5. Prune
    Depending on the size of the branches, use sharp pruners to remove any winter damage on shrubs and trees. Be sure to cut the dead, diseased, or dying portions of your plants and trees to encourage new growth.
  6. Mulch
    Once your lawn is properly cared for, be sure to replace the mulch. You may use grass clippings, hardwood barks, and more.

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6 Steps for Spring Clean Up & Yard Maintenance

Simple Solutions Landscaping and Snow Removal is the ideal choice if you are looking for professionals who provide yard clean up services. We will ensure your yard and garden are well-maintained and come up with the best ways to enhance the curb appeal of your property. We provide comprehensive spring clean up services, including collecting debris, trimming plants, cutting grass, and more.

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