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10 Signs It is Time for Sod Replacement

10 Signs Your Lawn Needs New Sod Installation 

A well-cared-for lawn can last up to 40 years. However, grass can get infected with diseases, dry out, or die for several reasons, so you may need a sod replacement at any time during the lifespan of your grass. It is crucial to know the symptoms that signal it’s time for a new sod installation. Replacing your turf as soon as possible will ensure you have the appealing green lawn you always wanted.

When Is It Time for a New Sod Installation?

Bare Spots or Patchy Grass

If your lawn has significant bare spots, you cannot repair them with watering or fertilization. These spots may occur due to heavy foot traffic, pet urine, weeds, insect infestation or other reasons. Noticing too many on your lawn means it’s time for new sod installation.

Weeds Throughout the Lawn

You can get rid of some weeds, but species such as crab weed or oxalis can take over your entire lawn. No amount of weed killer will seem to work. That’s when you need to prepare for sod replacement. However, remember it is critical to destroy every trace of weed before installing new sod. It helps to hire a professional service to tackle weeds.

You Want to Grow New Grass

You may have the wrong type of grass growing on your lawn that doesn’t go well with the soil in the area. You need a lush green lawn that looks beautiful and thrives in your yard. This is when we recommend consulting a lawn care expert to help you select the best grass for your lawn.

You Have Terrible Soil

Grass can grow healthy as long as the soil is adequately nourished. You may have soil that has become barren and depleted and needs restoration or remediation to support a healthy lawn. It signals a new sod installation. But before taking this step, it is wise to get your soil tested to know the exact problem that needs to be fixed.

Serious Diseases

If your lawn is infected by severe diseases that cannot be cured, you must consider sod replacement. Although you can treat them, it is hard to eradicate the disease completely.

Poor Drainage

If you face poor drainage in your lawn, it can lead to several problems, including weed infestation and fungal disease. There is a lack of air for the grass to breathe, so you need aeration, which opens up pores in the lawn, loosens the soil, and allows for better drainage. But after this step, adding new grass to your lawn is essential.

Roots are Rotting

If you find root rot in the grass, you are likely overwatering the lawn. To identify the problem, lift the sod and inspect the roots. Brown and soft roots are signs of rotting. You can apply fungicides to the infected area, but if the issue has reached the point of no return, it is time to install new sod.

Sod Isn’t Rooting

The roots of a newly installed sod should start growing into the soil in one to three weeks. After this period, try to lift the sod from one corner. If it is tough to move, the roots have settled, and if it is easy to pick up, you may be overwatering it.

Brown and Wilting Grass Blades

Brown and wilting grass is a sign of overwatering and increased soil pH. Many homeowners notice brown spots and overwater the sod, assuming it’s dry. In extreme cases of wilting, you need to consider sod replacement.

FAQs About New Sod Installation & Replacement

Can You Help Me Choose the Best Sod for My Lawn?

Yes. We evaluate your site conditions and help you select the most suitable sod for your lawn. As an expert sod installation and replacement service, we walk you through our procedure from start to finish and consider your requirements to provide a customized solution.

Where Do You Get the Sod?

When investing in sod, you don’t want to go for the cheapest option. You want the healthiest variety ready to grow and thrive as a lush green carpet. The sod we provide is cut fresh on the day it is scheduled for installation on your site. We give a one-year guarantee on our labour and materials, provided the lawn has been taken care of since the beginning.

Trust Us for Professional Sod Installation Service

10 Signs It is Time for Sod ReplacementSimple Solutions Landscaping has more than 18 years of experience replacing and installing sod. We have a vast client base that is happy and satisfied with our services. So, look no further if you are looking for “sod installation near me” on the web. We will help you plan and transform your lawn the way you want.

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