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Tricks for Quick Fall Clean Up

Tricks for Quick & Easy Fall Yard Clean Up

Fall yard clean-up is much more than just clearing away debris. There are several tasks to accomplish before winter sets in. Proper clean-up will prevent problems in the winter and spring seasons. In this article, we discuss a few simple tips and tricks that will help you complete the job faster and avoid sacrificing an entire weekend to complete the job.

10 Tricks for Fall Yard Clean Up

Opt for Mulching Instead of Bagging

Avoid disposing of the cut grass when you mow. Instead, use the grass clippings to mulch the lawn to save time. As the clippings contain 80 percent water, they will decompose quickly and provide your lawn with vital nutrients.

Use Sharp Tools

Prune shrubs and other plants using sharp pruning tools. It will help make cleaner and smoother cuts which will heal faster and reduce the risk of future structural problems. So before you are ready for your fall clean-up task, ensure all your pruners, hedge clippers, shears, and other tools are sharp, rust-free, and efficient.

Clean Gutters Using a Leaf Blower

Leaves can block drainpipes and gutters. So, you should clean the gutters before raking the leaves in your yard to avoid doing the task again. Use a leaf blower fitted with an attachment that can help to clean the gutters. It will make the job easier and remove the leaves quickly. Later you can also use a pressure washer to rinse the gutter.

Wear a Utility Belt

You need different tools for performing multiple tasks during fall yard clean-up. Instead of keeping your handheld tools nearby, wear a utility belt with all your tools in it. Weeding knives, cultivators, and pruning shears can easily fit in the pockets, whereas hedge clippers and loppers can be kept in the hammer holder. It saves time when you don’t have to turn or walk back to bring your tools, and everything is within your arm’s reach.

Rake into Rows

If you are cleaning away the leaves, rake them into rows instead of arranging them in one large pile. You can take a manageable portion of leaves from each row and put them into each bag.

Use a Log Splitter

If you need to clean up fallen trees, there are two ways to accomplish the job. As a DIY enthusiast, you can rent a log splitter and speed through the task. However, considering the size of the fallen trees, it is wise to hire professional fall yard clean-up services to ensure the job is done safely and efficiently.

Wrap Grasses Before Cutting

Trimming ornamental grass can become a complex task. Wrap a bungee cord around each bunch of grass to make the job quicker and easier. The cord will collect the clippings and move them away from the completed areas neatly.

Place Tarps While Raking

If you don’t want to collect the leaves in a bag and dump them in a backyard compost pile, opt for a tarp as the best option. Rake the leaf piles directly on the tarp and then drag them to where you want to dump the debris. You can use a tarp even when cleaning up flower beds in the fall. In addition, you can combine the leaves with other yard waste and make compost to enhance the soil on your lawn.

Keep a Five Gallon Bucket By Your Side

When you are ready to weed during fall yard clean-up, consider keeping a five-gallon bucket with you. You can easily dump all the debris in the bucket while working along the garden bed. You can dump all the yard debris after the job is done. You can also use the same bucket to store your utility belt after you have finished using it.

Pressure Wash Your Concrete

Fallen leaves and other yard waste may cause stains on your concrete walkway or driveway. It is the best time to pressure wash the concrete after the fall clean-up is done. You can use a surface cleaner attachment to easily clean a large area.

Hire Our Expert Fall Clean-Up Service

Tricks for Quick Fall Clean Up

Simple Solutions Landscaping and Snow Removal offers customized fall clean-up programs for property owners who want their lawn ready for the winter. We provide a range of services to protect your landscape through the cold season and lead to enhanced health in the spring.

Our fall yard clean-up services consist of:

  • Leaf removal
  • Burlap installation to protect plants in the winter
  • Eavestrough cleaning
  • Grass cutting
  • Bagging of yard waste
  • Winterization of flower beds

Rest assured that we will get your landscape back in shape before winter arrives. Call us at 416-271-3503 or fill out our contact form to get a free estimate and experience why our customers have trusted us for over 18 years.

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