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How to Make the Most of Your Snow Removal Budget?

Ice and Snow Removal Budget

Winter in Canada can be harsh and extreme, resulting in challenges and safety concerns for your residential property. This is where seeking reliable snow removal services can help. They can ensure the well-being of the people on your property and prevent accidents.

Learn about the dangers of snow on your property, why it is best to hire professionals to clear it, and key strategies that can help maximize your snow removal budget.

4 Dangers of Snow Piles on Residential Properties

  • Dangerous for People Although snow piles look sturdy and firm, they may have pockets of air or soft spots. This can lead to sinkholes. If someone were to step on them, they might cause it to collapse. They may fall or get trapped, which may lead to hypothermia or worse.
  • Placement of Piles In case of a snowstorm, you should be cautious about where the snow is piling to ensure you don’t get trapped or run into one accidentally.
  • Refreezing Even as the snow starts to melt, it can refreeze at sundown when temperatures drop, creating risky, icy conditions. Parking lots, driveways, sidewalks, and roads can become slick and dangerous.
  • Relocation If you own a property with limited space to put snow, it is advisable to hire professional snow removal services to get rid of them. The trained staff will haul and relocate the snow, eliminating the risk from your property.

5 Tips for a Winter-Proof Snow Removal within a Budget

Budget the Service

You should research and ask around to understand what the service entails and how much it may cost. You may also consider consulting with a reliable landscaping and snow removal company to get a better idea. This way, you will have the details about the overall cost and can come up with a feasible plan and budget.

Limit Access to Save Money

Instead of clearing the snow from your entire property, consider just hiring professionals to clear the entrances, fire escapes, and high-traffic areas. Doing so will ensure you get the desired result at a fair price while reducing the possibilities of accidents on your property because of the accumulated snow.

Ask for Quotes

In addition to budgeting the work, you can ask for a quote from a reputable service provider. It is wise to get multiple quotes so you can compare the cost with what they offer, ensure you are on the same page, and make an informed decision. You can also ask them about snow removal after winter storms to ensure your property is accessible throughout the cold months.

Take Immediate Action

Many property owners believe it is better to hold off until the storm ends and hire professionals for snow removal once the snow accumulation reaches around four or five inches. This is because they think this approach saves money. However, it may cost you more because it is easier to remove fresh snow than the accumulated piles that become hard and compact. Moreover, it requires less labour initially, which also helps to reduce the overall price.

Use a Single Provider

Look for a provider who offers landscaping and snow removal services in your neighbourhood. This way, you can deal with the same company for maintaining the landscape of your residential property year-round. Moreover, they will understand your needs, get to know your property well, offer seasonal services, and can schedule the work at your convenience without any problems.

4 Strategies to Maximize the Benefits of Snow Removal

Use Salt

How to Make the Most of Your Snow Removal Budget?

Salt is very useful for melting ice and snow and keeping your home safe during the winter months. Ask your landscaping and snow removal contractor about their strategies for storm management and how they plan to get rid of the snow from your property. Get to know if they use salt and have the required tools and equipment to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Communicate with Your Contractor

It is essential to communicate your needs and expectations to the professionals you hire. Allow them to assess your property, note the access points, high-risk areas, and potential safety hazards so that they can come up with a suitable plan with the best solutions for snow and ice removal.

Review the Storm Management Plan

Discuss the snow and ice removal strategy with your landscaping contractor ahead of winter to know how the clearing efforts are focused. Ensure it suits your needs and budget so you can be worry-free once the winter hits.

Consider the Alternatives for Salt

In addition to using salt, ask your contractor what other tools and equipment they plan to use for snow removal services. Inquire how they will use them on your property to achieve the desired result.

Additional Tips & Tricks for Optimizing Your Snow Removal Budget

Consider Pre-Treatment

Allowing snow to sit and turn into ice can be a big mistake. If you let it accumulate, it may cost you more than your snow removal budget to get rid of the hard ice. Shovels are a money-saving option if it doesn’t snow much in your area. Using a shovel to remove snow manually can be tiring, though.

Save the Money If It Didn’t Snow

You may have a planned snow removal budget for year-to-year maintenance. However, if it doesn’t snow the current year, you can save the amount for the following year. Although it can be tempting to use the money elsewhere, saving it will be a wise option.

Consider Investing in Multi-Functional Ice Melters

Multi-functional ice melters are an excellent investment if you want to reduce your snow removal cost. They come with multiple features and varied sizes. They work efficiently to melt ice and prevent ice formation on different surfaces, including concrete, stone, and asphalt. In addition, they are safe for plants and pets, unlike chemical products that can be hazardous. You can buy a high-quality ice melter with a longer shelf life to avoid spending on it every year.

Heated Floor Mats

If you live in an area that receives little snow, you can opt for cost-effective heated floor mats. Although they don’t work as effectively as ice melters in heavy snow, they will do the job. Unlike convection radiators, they minimize dust and allergens by preventing them from circulating in space.

These simple DIY tips can help you manage your snow removal budget efficiently. It all depends on which option is ideal for you. However, you can still minimize the cost by using an ice melter to reduce the amount of snow and then calling professional ice removal services before the snow becomes much harder to remove.

We Offer Reliable & Timely Snow Removal Services

Simple Solutions Landscaping and Snow Removal is a prominent name when it comes to storm management and ice and snow removal in the North York neighbourhood.

Our snow removal services include:

  • Plowing and clearing snow from the driveway
  • Snow removal from paths to the front door
  • Melting ice using salt and other materials
  • One time and on-demand assistance
  • Contractual services scheduled according to the customer’s convenience
  • Quick and on-time help after a storm to minimize the damage

For more details about our snow removal services in North York, be sure to call us at 416-271-3503. You may also fill out our online contact form to request a free quote. We’ll be happy to help ensure your property is safe and easily accessible during the winter months.

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