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What Does Landscape Construction Service Include?

What Does Landscape Construction Service Include?

Landscaping is much more than merely planting shrubs and trees and mowing lawns. It consists of a variety of services such as sod work, installing retaining walls, driveway interlocking, and more that can help enhance your curb appeal. It can also increase the value and functionality of your property if done correctly. Read on to learn more about landscape construction services, so you can use them to improve your property.

Types of Landscape Construction Services


Softscapes typically refer to installations and landscaping services involving plants and other organic materials such as grass, annuals, perennials, shrubs, and more. It includes analyzing the architecture, planning, and determining a suitable landscape design with the help of flower bed installations, a lawn, yard or garden for residences and estates.

Softscape Features

You need to change and evolve the softscape elements as the plants grow and adapt to the changing climate and other environmental conditions. The experts working in our landscaping company recommend weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly management to maintain the overall beauty and appeal. Softscape maintenance comprises planting, weed removal, mowing, aerating, fertilizing, watering, pruning, trimming, and more. Some of the features include the following:

  • Lawn and yard
  • Trees, shrubs, and vines
  • Accent plants and flowering plants
  • Garden and flower beds


Hardscaping includes all types of structures and stonework, such as garden retaining walls, outdoor kitchens, barbecues, fire pits and fireplaces, patios, pool decks, fencing, and more. In addition to this, it also encompasses water features such as fountains, dry riverbeds, and waterfalls.

Hardscape Features

The non-living, solid elements of the landscape are categorized as hardscape. You can design these as part of your landscape construction plan. Hardscape materials have several effects on the environment. The porous materials used allow water to soak into the soil. Pavement and retaining walls help reduce water runoff and prevent contaminants from flowing into streams. Some popular hardscape features include the following:

Retaining Walls

You can hire experts for landscape construction to create and install beautiful and functional retaining walls. They can be made of natural stone, wood, and concrete wall blocks.

Interlocking Driveways

They are durable and aesthetically pleasing. Specialists offering landscaping services can help create creative designs for your driveway and ensure it matches the look and architecture of the property.


High-quality stonework enhances the appearance and functionality of a property. It is low maintenance, long-lasting, and helps improve the curb appeal.

Sod Installation

Installing sod on a property helps smooth the surface and create a beautiful space. You can install it anywhere to enjoy an outdoor area for games and activities.

Benefits of Landscape Construction

Connect with Nature

Hiring reputable experts for landscape construction services can help you create an exceptional outdoor area. You can have a private retreat and enjoy the health benefits of nature at your home.

Enhance Your Quality of Life

Having a well-developed and maintained landscape will allow you more time outdoors, unwinding in the beautiful backdrop. You can also use it as an entertaining space for guests and to host gatherings.

Balancing Natural & Artificial Elements

Working with a reputable landscape company can help you create a balance between manufactured designs and natural landscapes. The specialists can help highlight the beauty of your yard by choosing the most suitable outdoor features.

Create Functional Areas

If you have an unused backyard or a side yard, landscape construction along with adequate planning can help create a spectacular outdoor space. The landscaping specialists will assess the property and design a suitable and beautiful space.

Defining Entertainment Areas

If you are looking to bring some order to your yard, a reputable landscaping company can help. They will be able to create areas on your property for specific activities depending on your requirements.

Boost the Property Value

A well-planned and maintained outdoor landscape can increase property values by 5% to 12%. It is an excellent way to maximize the outdoor space and make your home more appealing to potential buyers if you plan to sell your property.

Skills Required for Landscape Construction

Landscape design and construction requires the expertise of qualified and experienced professionals. Some of the skills associated with the construction aspect of landscaping a property include the following:

  • The ability to come up with reliable landscape designs and ideas.
  • Work with professionals, interpret the plans made by a landscape architect, and carry out the necessary work.
  • Estimate the cost and prepare quotations for a variety of projects.
  • Horticultural skills that are required to come up with beautiful ideas associated with softscapes.
  • Possess construction knowledge and skills, including the ability to build retaining walls, lay pavers for driveways and walkways, and other structures.

Things to Consider Before Landscape Construction

  • Examine your landscape, recognize any potential problems such as inadequate soil conditions and plan accordingly.
  • Consider the purpose of landscaping. It could be anything from entertaining guests, creating a play area, having a private space for relaxing, and more.
  • Identify any natural pathways already present in your landscape and consider including them in your plans as is.
  • Consider your needs, expectations, and budgetary concerns up-front to save time and money.
  • Think about the ongoing maintenance and ask if you can meet the requirements to keep the structures in excellent condition.
  • Work with a reputable landscaping construction company having professionals who can understand your needs and offer reliable advice.

Enhance Your Curb Appeal with Our Landscape Construction Services

Landscape Construction Services

Whether you want a garden retaining wall, stonework in patio, or any other landscape construction, Simple Solutions Landscaping and Snow Removal is the right choice. We have the skills and expertise to understand your needs and come up with the best solutions on time and budget. We will help you create a beautiful and functional space that enhances your curb appeal and adds value to your property.

For more information about our landscape construction services, feel free to talk to one of our consultants by calling 416-271-3503. You could also fill out our online contact form to request a free quote.

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