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Basement Finishing in North York: Top Mistakes to Avoid

8 Mistakes Homeowners Make When Finishing a Basement in North York 

Basement finishing is different and more challenging from renovating the upper floors of your home. You must consider electrical components, water heater, furnace, pump, wires, pipes, and many other factors. The most common renovation errors happen because the space underground is more susceptible to moisture build-up.

As a professional basement finishing contractor in North York, we have compiled eight mistakes you should avoid during renovation. This will help you protect your house and investment and accomplish the project.

8 Basement Remodelling Mistakes to Avoid

Wood-Based Floorings Attract Moisture

You should avoid using any wood material, including hardwoods and laminates, for your basement flooring. They can quickly come in contact with moisture and become a breeding ground for mould and mildew. Instead, opt for vinyl flooring that resists water and mould and mimics the look and feel of hardwood or ceramic tiles. When planning to purchase the best flooring material, make sure you consider water or flooding problems.

Moisture Issues are Very Common

If you are planning basement finishing in North York, take the first step by inspecting all the walls for cracks and leakage because flooding is among the top three disasters faced by Canadians. Ensure to check every inch of your wall, as it is crucial to repair the structural issues before starting the job. Whether a crack in the foundation walls is deep or not, water can penetrate the cracks and eventually damage the waterproofing barrier on the exterior. Dealing with the issue after renovation can significantly cost you more time and money. We recommend waterproofing the entire space to get a long-term value on your investment.

Poor Lighting Design

The basement receives less natural light compared to the upper floors of your home, so it is essential to have the right lighting design that is ideal for the space. Depending on how you plan to use your basement, you can choose from options such as ceiling, recessed, sconce, and floor lights. You can also consider installing a smart lighting system to make the space more appealing. Consult a basement remodelling professional if you need help choosing the appropriate lighting design.

Avoiding Storage Can Add to Clutter

Many homeowners use the basement mainly for storage. Even if you are not planning to do so, you can have at least one room dedicated to storing things. Choose the right storage place and consider installing shelving or shelf systems to make items organized and easily accessible.

Too Many Walls Can Suffocate

Having multiple rooms in your basement may not be a good idea. When it comes to airflow and temperature, putting up too many walls for different areas, such as a gym or a sports room, can be a problem as it can block the entry of fresh air. Instead, consider having an open basement finish for your North York residence, which will also facilitate any repairs you may need in the future.

Blocking Access to Equipment Can be Risky

Blocking access to equipment, including the furnace, water heater, and electrical box can be risky. It is crucial to have easy access to the shutdown valves to prepare your basement for emergencies. Ensure a certain amount of space is empty around your hot water tank and the furnace for easy access. And make sure that floor drains are also easily accessible.

Uneven Basement Flooring Can Cause Trouble

Concrete flooring is often uneven and is not easily visible, especially when you have installed carpets. This may cause trouble if you plan to cover it with tiles or vinyl. So, before choosing the suitable flooring material, inspect the concrete and level it if required.

Not Getting Necessary Permits

A finished basement in North York can increase the value of your property only if your design meets the health and safety standards and other building codes of the region. So, it is best to work with a professional basement finishing contractor such as Simple Solutions Landscaping & Snow Removal, as they know about all the necessary permits required. They will ensure that the project design aligns with the latest building rules.

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Basement Finishing in North York: Top Mistakes to Avoid

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